Unhappy at work…

More than half of people resign from their jobs because they are unhappy at work – not because they want more money – according to a new survey by Benchmark Recruit.

The survey found that rather than leaving over low pay, the majority of people hand in their notice because they don’t have faith in their boss, feel unappreciated and are disengaged in their work.

Benchmark surveyed over 3,000 employees and found the following results:

Reasons for leaving

  • Lack of faith in the leadership team – 22.58%
  • Feeling unappreciated – 19.35%
  • Feeling disengaged/demotivated – 19.35%
  • Lack of financial reward – 12.90%
  • Redundancy – 9.68%
  • No belief in the company’s service/product – 6.45%
  • Travel/location – 3.23%
  • Clash with colleague – 3.23%
  • Poor relationship with line manager – 3.23%

It has long been shown in surveys that employees simply want to feel valued, appreciated and motivated far more than having a bigger pay packet.

The survey also found 19% of people describe their job as a “dead end”. Only 25% of people think they have a “perfect” job. It’s a stepping stone for 38% and a “stop gap” for 16% of employees.