Absent? …Not again!

Absence from work has a cost to every employer in terms of money, time, lost production … the list is endless. Whether the absence is due to less committed employees, genuine sickness, or struggles with personal responsibilities, if not properly addressed it can undermine the goodwill of loyal employees.

Clear rules need to be published and understood about notification of all periods of absence and that should be stated as phoning in by a certain time and that a text message is not an acceptable form of notification.

Experience shows that a text will be sent, often to a colleague, saying the individual is not coming in and for the rest of the day the mobile goes to voice mail and texts remain unanswered.

As part of the employer’s duty of care and absence management procedure, return to work interviews should be carried out as soon as the employee returns, which shows the employer takes it seriously. Not only is it highly effective in discouraging the ‘Friday off to get ready for the weekend and/or Monday off to get over the weekend’ days they are an opportunity to discuss other underlying issues which can be jointly resolved with the employee.

If you have problems with sickness and absenteeism and need an Absence Management Policy to help your business, get in touch and let’s solve your problems.