Flexible Parental Leave


We’ve seen the future and it’s flexible for babies born after April 2015 when both parents can share the mother’s maternity leave.

There has been a flurry of mainly doom and gloom in the media about the new Flexible Parental Leave system and the dire impact on business.  Men and women taking time off in all directions looking after the new offspring, the end of business as we know it, we’re all doomed to collapse under more red tape and parents’ demands.

As Nick Clegg said so excitedly when it was launched ‘that means that women up and down the country realising their potential, keeping their independence, fulfilling their dreams.  It means children up and down the country benefitting from having their father’s in their lives.  It means an economy running on all cylinders, and it means a nation reaping the rewards.  Greater equality; a fairer society; a stronger economy too”.

But hang on a minute, whatever happened to Additional Paternity Leave introduced in 2011? A quick straw poll round the table at a business networking event brought nothing but blank looks from the employers there.

Does anyone remember that about 2 years ago Additional Paternity Leave gave the right for fathers or those responsible for the upbringing of a child to take up to 6 months Additional Paternity Leave; allowing the mother to go back to work after 6 months.  It raised the same uproar at the time but is now long forgotten.

So what of the new dawn in 2015, where Dads can have unpaid time off to attend two ante-natal appointments and businesses may not lose so many high achieving female employees to motherhood?   Will we start to see men’s careers suffering because they want to take time off to be with their baby; will this start a whole new raft of claims to employment tribunal of sex discrimination when men’s requests’ to work flexibly are refused?

What you do need to do is contact me and get your Policy for FLEXIBLE PARENTAL LEAVE in place, or your current policy updated.

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