WOFWPDR – Watching Out For What People Do Right

Not much of an acronym and hard to put into one to quote in a management meeting and look clever!

What does all this have to do with the success of an organisation?

As we all know, the success of any organisation is dependent on the performance of its people.  Leaders, Managers and business owners all have responsibilities to coach and develop their employees to drive exceptional performance.

Looking at company culture in general tends to highlight the fact that we can be poor at positive reinforcement in business, concentrating on behaviours we don’t want to see rather than encouraging those we would like to continue.

Translated into coaching in the workplace this ‘coaching ‘backwards’ where excellent work goes unrecognised and poor performance or conduct is punished, can lead to a highly disengaged workforce.

Sometimes in business it seems difficult for managers to positively acknowledge the behaviour of their team members and although I am not suggesting breaking out into spontaneous applause in the workplace, I do recommend efforts are made to consider recognising great performance and where people have gone the extra mile, celebrating successes and making employees feel valued for their contributions, using positive reinforcement to develop and encourage positive behaviours rather than coaching ‘backwards’.

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