Top 10 Tips from HR professional and business consultant Carol H Scott

1. The only difference between employment law and health and safety law is that you don’t go to prison for getting employment law wrong.

2. Never recruit on just a CV. Anyone can look like they can run the CBI.

3. The candidate should do 70% of the talking at an interview.

4. As soon as you begin to see a performance issue with one of your employees, sit down with them in private and have an informal discussion.

5. The needs of the business take priority.

6. Redundancy is not the way to remove an underperforming employee from your business.

7. Don’t keep employees in the dark. Give them clear, regular communication about where the business is going.

8. Take pride in your company – and your workforce will be happy to be associated with it.

9. Help people to play to their strengths and make them valued.

10. Issue your employees with their contract of employment on time and treat them with the same professionalism you show to your customers and clients.